Monday, May 22, 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

In light of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and all the controversy surrounding it (I personally LOVED it) I decided to reread the book and I loved it more than the first time around.

Clay arrives home to find 13 recorded tapes from Hannah Baker who has recently committed suicide. Their are 13 reason why she took her life and each person who is "responsible" has their own tape each tape tells their story.

Clay spends the night listening to the tapes and visiting locations of importance. The story unravels each story significant yet woven amongst the others.

This is a compelling read and if you read the anniversary version it has an alternative ending (the original one) that I personally do not care for but you might!

Don't let the haters turn you away from this book. Some will say that this book glamorizes suicide but I respectfully disagree. The characters are well developed and while I might not like all of them -- the imperfections and reality makes them real.

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