Monday, May 1, 2017

Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline

I really struggled to read this and I'm not exactly sure why. There isn't one thing I can pinpoint. I liked the storyline. It was unique and interesting. I had the typical love/hate relationship with a variety of characters and wanted to sink my teeth into this book but I just couldn't.

Most Wanted is about a couple who use a sperm donor to make their yearning for a child possible but a glance of a TV report regarding a serial killer changes a happy moment to one of discord, fear and anxiety. Christine is convinced that the serial killer is the sperm donor and makes it her personal ambition to find out if she is carrying his child.

Then Christine makes it a mission to prove Shay's innocence despite her husband's reservations. This of course leads to a host of other problems. The deeper I got into the storyline the more unrealistic it felt and found myself speed reading to reach the co
nclusion. I can see why it would interest others but it wasn't a fit for me.

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