Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks

Truth be told, I don't pick up novels by Nicholas Sparks much. They usually induce a lot of eye rolling and dramatic sighs from me. They are usually unrealistic and farfetched but this novel --- was different from other books of his that I have read. It felt more real, more true to life.

Russell Green and Vivian are a young couple with an adorable daughter. Vivian was a stay at home mom until Russell ventured out and opened his own business. She felt the need to work and bring in some money but..... Vivian's new job is demanding and she is gone all the time.

Russell is left to struggle with getting his business off the ground and taking care of his daughter. He finds it difficult to do both and everything around him starts to slowly crumble. Things turn for the worst but love for his daughter helps him prevail.

Russ Green is a wonderful, flawed character. A character you want to win, win, win! It's easy to experience his highs and lows and his lowest low had me bawling my eyes out. Viviana is a character you love to hate. She is selfish, self absorbed, spoiled and not the type of person you would personally want as a friend.

There are a lot more characters in the novel and my most favorite being Russ's sister. This is an overall easy, entertaining read.

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