Friday, August 28, 2015

The Job: True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop by Steve Osborne

"How ya doin?" 

This book is a collection of personal essays about what life was like for, Steve Osborne as a NYC cop.

Steve Osborne is a storyteller. I very .... opinionated one at that. When, I was able to look past (or attempt to) his negative references to liberals, I was able to absorb myself into his life stories. I do have to admit, I had to take breaks from in between the essays and pick up other things because they can be a bit redundant. Don't let that sway you because the stories are worth reading.

Expect one story to break your heart (hint: it involves a dog). The first half of the book is is much less personal then the second half, where, Osborne touches on more personal subjects such as 9/11, the death of a family member and retirement.

Many thanks to NPR, without their coverage on this book, I never would  have picked it up!

Grade: B - 

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