Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Blondes by Emily Schultz

This book had so much potential! The premise was intriguing and I was initially fascinated but then I quickly lost interest but keep chugging along in hopes that things would improve, sadly they did not.

A disease, a virus, an epidemic of sorts has spread and it only targets blonde, females. This includes blonde's who dye their hair blonde --- so you don't have be a genetic blonde to succumb to this disease. It turns them into crazy, rapid killers!

The book opens up with a character named, Hazel who is heavily pregnant and sequestered in a cabin. She narrates the story, which entails her affair with her professor, her relationship with the professors wife and the epidemic spread.

Hazel isn't really a likable character and the outbreak is centered around her rather then the epidemic itself. I personally wanted to know about the epidemic and how it impacted society. I really didn't care about, Hazel's personal life story. I was rather disappointed with the story but I could see how some people would like the premise is fairly unique.

Grade: C-

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