Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience; the Best Documented Case of Alien Abduction Ever Recorded by Travis Walton

Fire in the Sky is a well written documentation of, Travis Walton's UFO experience. I am using experience in the broadest term --- since very little off the book actually deals with the abduction itself. It is more about what occurred before and after. The events leading up to the abduction and the process of proving that the UFO experience actually did happen.

There is a lot of technical explanations and if that type of thing bogs you down, you might want to skip this particular book. Do, not compare this to the movie ---- because a lot of creative vision was taken by the script writers, for dramatic and entertainment purposes.

Travis Walton is intelligent, perceptive and straightforward. The only issue I have, is that it, is extremely difficult to find a copy of this book without having to pay big bucks! If it's something you are really interested it, I strongly suggest going to your local library and using there resources to locate a book for you. You can also visit Travis Walton's website here and purchase one from him, in which he will autograph for free. (I have no association with, Walton nor has he asked me to provide a link. I have given one to make it easier for you, reader, to find this book at a much cheaper price, since finding it proved to be a huge pain in the a@@ for me.)

Expect a compelling and entertaining read.

Grade: A

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