Friday, December 14, 2012

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

Revealing Eden is the first book in the Save the Pears trilogy. I know, I know --- another trilogy but trust me this book is pretty good and I expect a lot from this series. The concept is very interesting and the characters are well developed.

Like many books that are out there, this one takes place in a post apocalyptic society. In this society, being white or a "pearl" is an undesirable trait. Dark skinned people or "coals" are the ruling class.  Light skin makes one vulnerable to sunlight and radiation, so the darker you are the safer you are.

Pearls, including, Eden periodically get a coating so that they will appear dark skinned. Pearls father is a scientist and he conducts many experiments. The most radical one uses the characteristics of various animals in order to cause adaptations to the human race.

Like many experiments this one goes wrong ... and you are just going to have to read this fascinating book to find out what happens.

Grade: A

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