Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Imagine a world in which the atmosphere lacks enough oxygen to breathe freely and as a result you live  inside a domed city. The government controls the very oxygen you need to breathe. If you use too much you get taxed for it and as a result your life is restricted.

Quinn and Bea are two teens who live inside this domed city. They come from different walks of life. Quinn is an wealthy premium and Bea is an underprivileged Auxiliaries. They are best friend and an ordinary camping trip outside the pod, turns into a life changing event. 

They met up with, Alina who is a member of the resistance and teaches them that not all is what it seems. The government is concealing truths and the very oxygen the need to breathe, just might be available for future use.

The characters are fun, the writing is superb and the dystopian storyline is thought provoking. However, the book is basically set up in the same trilogy formula we've come to expect from trilogy's such as, Matched, Chemical Fever, Divergent and Enclave. So, don't really expect anything to radically different.

Grade: B++

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