Friday, August 3, 2012

To Selena, with Love by Chris Perez

Absolutely touching! 

Selena has been dead for seventeen years --- yet she remains in the heart of her loved ones and fans.
Chris Perez, her husband at the time of her death has finally opened up this heart and shared private and unknown moments of his life with, Selena.

Chris writes a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to his late wife. You discover so much more about, Selena. Things never disclosed to the media and he clarifies moments leading up to and of the death of, Selena.

You get to know, Selena as a women and not just as an artist. It explores so many different sides of her and her relationships with her inner circle, in particular, Chris. Chris doesnt' really hold much back, he is honest and lets out the best and worst parts of his relationship with, Selena and her family.

The movie, Selena almost seems like a huge fabrication once you read what really happened and how it happened.  Things were much more complicated underneath the surface in all facets.

The writing is rather simple,which makes for an easy read. If you are an overly emotional person --- this book might get to you.

Grade: A

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