Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt, came highly recommended by a few of my favorite authors, so I figured it would be amazing. It wasn't. I was extremely disappointed. I debated on whether or not to blog about it but I've always been  honest in my reviews so --- here it goes.

I was bored. Yea, bored! The premise was great, it started strong and then it just fell all to sh*t.

Gene was the only character worth liking. He has lived his entire life among vampires, acting like one, pretending to be one so that he won't be devoured in seconds. His blood, non-vampire blood is rare and unique. There aren't very many of his kind left.

Living among the vampires is hard enough but then he is selected to participate in the Heper Hunt. A hunt to track and kill others like him in a controlled environment. Gene needs to blend in better than ever and he doesn't seem to be doing as well of a job as he would hope.

It all sounds wonderful and entertaining but it just drags and there is little to no background on the state of the country. How it got to where it is and why --- not even an inkling, which leaves you in a state of wonder, frustration and confusion.

Things are not believable --- I mean seriously. Gene eats blood, raw meat and never, ever gets sick? Armpit sex? It's all undeveloped and meh....

Skip this and read another book.

Grade: F

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